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Save and Healing Holidays at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja

Save and Healing Holidays at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja

Leave your daily stress behind and start a frugal and healing vacation at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja! Here, you can enjoy a relaxation session in an extraordinary natural view. Beautiful vineyards, garden cinemas and holiday villages provide some first-rate entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. The iconic Vespa attractions and the various types of natural scenery offered bring tourists to a different world. At Kalibaru Water Park, you will enjoy quality budget vacations at very affordable prices. Moreover, this location offers a variety of delicious dishes that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Come on, have a frugal vacation together at Kalibaru Water Park, Jogja!

Save and Healing Holidays at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja

Yogyakarta is one of the favorite tourist cities for walkers. The 16th century later became one of the cities with a rich history, cultural heritage and culinary delights. One of the many tourist attractions that must be visited is the Kalibaru Water Park.


Kalibaru Water Park is a natural tourism park located in Kalibaru, Jogja. This water park presents an amazing view of waterfalls with clear water. This is the right place for those of you who are looking for a relaxed atmosphere for a vacation at a fairly affordable cost.


Facilities at Kalibaru Waterpark

The water park provides various kinds of facilities for visitors with various choices at quite affordable prices. The main facilities available are entrance tickets, swimming pool area, playground for children, karaoke facilities, toilets, restaurants, and various other areas.


Activities at Kalibaru Waterpark


Kalibaru Water Park offers a variety of activities that you can enjoy here. Visitors can swim in the waterfall or in the pool. You can also enjoy the view of the waterfall by taking a walk or sunbathing under the waterfall. Parking is also provided for the convenience of visitors.


Healing Activities at Kalibaru Waterpark


Various water therapy activities have been developed at the Kalibaru Water Park. The water therapies available here are Watsu, Hydrotherapy, and Waterwonderland. An empty mind, body detoxification, and your blood circulation system will feel the benefits after enjoying the water therapy here.


Kalibaru Water Park Opening Hours


Kalibaru Water Park is open daily from 7 am to 8 pm. Visitors who wish to explore this area are expected to come before 5 pm as the area closes afterwards. Visitors are asked to comply with the rules that apply at the Kalibaru Water Park.


Kalibaru Water Park Entrance Ticket Prices

Entrance tickets to Kalibaru Water Park are quite affordable. Children under 5 years old are free of charge. For adults, the price of admission is IDR 20,000. Children from 6 to 17 years old will be charged IDR 15,000. This is a very affordable price for all visitors.


Advantages of Kalibaru Water Park


Kalibaru Water Park offers various advantages of having a vacation here, making this place the right place to relax. Not only is it located close to the city center, this water park also has many facilities that visitors can enjoy. This is the best place for those of you who want a frugal and healing vacation.


Happy Ending at Kalibaru Waterpark

Kalibaru Water Park is a natural tourist spot that must be visited when you are on vacation in Jogja. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the waterfalls here. You can also enjoy water therapy for healing the body and mind. After vacationing at Kalibaru Water Park, you can go shopping at Malioboro or taste delicious culinary delights around Jogja.

When you visit Kalibaru Water Park, Jogja, you can enjoy a unique experience. With the various facilities available at Kalibaru Water Park, you can easily enjoy a frugal and healing vacation that is guaranteed to make you feel new and excited. Show yourself how a thrifty and healing vacation can brighten your day.

Find your frugal vacation at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja!

Let’s take advantage of the twists and turns of your vacation by coming to Kalibaru Water Park, Jogja. This calm and green island has a charming natural panorama that you can enjoy endlessly. Of course, coming here will relieve your fatigue! Not to mention the Kalibaru Water Park, Jogja has views that are very popular with tourists such as the Bung Karno water park, Lake Buyan, and others. Have an adventurous urge to weather the storm? Relax, you can still enjoy the beauty of the scenery offered here. Don’t forget about Gunung Kidul beach which is very popular and fun. right now and get the best price for your frugal vacation at Kalibaru Waterpark, Jogja indonesia!